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Too long!

Well it's been way too long since I last wrote a blog post....

I've been struggling to put together the new album. Back in the summer I bought a number of offboard synthesizers which meant that the way I made music took something of a turnaround. I think some good stuff has come out of it but it's taken a while to really get it into a position where I'm happy to release any of it. That position is now finally imminent though and the album being quite an odd one I have decided to release it under the 4.Chil4 moniker but probably retain the original project title for the album 'I Seem to Have Blinked'. It should be out by the end of September.

Meanwhile i belatedly found out that this site was not very mobile friendly so I have spent time recently tidying it up and moving things around. It is nearly there and I hope you appreciate the difference when you're on your mobile.

Anyway, two weeks holiday are just coming up and then it's back to work making that album release!

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