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FeNN emerged at the end of 2009, aiming to provide a counterpoint to the more uptempo sound of Beat Suspect's music.

The original FeNN sound was therefore generally more downbeat, coming to fruition on the first FeNN album Faces and Places and developed from there into a more rounded House and Techno feel on the subsequent albums.

"FeNN is the latest identity of Bradford-on-Avon-based electronica producer Jon Turner and, as such, he's released a steady supply of music over the last three years or so. This largely ambient instrumental compilation covers all the post-dance angles from Wobble-y Hands to Moby Lost In A Moment, with Kraftwerk-yNot Monday and dubby What's Your Name? thrown in. The latter track has some well-picked synth patches but on the whole the album's strength is also its weakness: immaculately picked sounds all in the proper places and perfectly mixed, it can slip by rather too easily."

Tony Benjamin (Venue magazine) review of the FeNN album Faces and Places

“Really nice release on Juno Records. Summer vibes all round!”

 Just Jack House Music review of the Dress To Kill / Ask Again EP

“This album encapsulates everything that I believe relaxed yet modern music should be. The intricate layers needed to create an intresting and enjoyable, yet melodic and calming atmosphere are all here in this album from song to song, making a great listen whatever you're doing. I found some songs, in particular Out Of Time reminded me of scores from famous movies, which I liked. It is an album I would definitely recommend for those who want alternative easy listening, or to just chill out to, whatever mood you're in, I personally enjoyed driving to it.” 


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