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To listen to Jon Turner's pre-millennium music, primarily as a solo artist but also with Dave Mellett as Master Master, and dating right back to the New Wave 20th Century F*xes  band then please click on the image below:


Jon Turner

As the label owner and as a producer/recording artist in my own right I have, under various noms de plume, released over 100 solo titles - singles, EPs and albums - dating back to the mid 1990s, and with a life in bands even before that.
After a gap of many years I also started releasing music under my own name again in 2014.

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"Listening to Jon Turner's music is like taking a trip down the lane of currently popular dance forms: Trip-Hop, House and dreamy breakbeats are all represented here. This is good, because this artist is a talented and imaginative arranger who uses samples, voices, and -- of course -- ever-present beats to good effect." 

Will Lerner (

"...downtrodden electronic style invokes Portishead's trademark style. Roughly textured beats carry each brooding melodic blend." 

Melissa Piazza (

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